It’s very hard to leave your child in someone else’s care, especially if your child has had a difficult start in life or has medical needs. Hillside has been incredibly supportive and reassuring and are constantly encouraging the children. They go above an beyond what I expected of nursery. I am so glad I found a nursery that I completely trust with my children.


Hillside is a fabulous place for children. My son loved the activities and the staff, he would always tell me all about the things he’d learnt. Hillside often take the children out to events and places, like on the train to the park for an ice cream and they teach the children manners too, which I think is very important. Thank you Hillside for caring for my son.


Hillside Playcare Centre have been invaluable in helping my children’s development and learning. Everyone is so impressed at how advanced my children are for their ages and that is all thanks to Hillside making learning fun and encouraging them to be the best they can be. The staff are all so friendly, always smiling and are happy, offering a warm welcome and every single member of staff is so approachable. Children get super excited to see the staff which the mornings so much nicer, gone are the days I’m peeling them off my leg as I run out leaving them upset. I love that each child has a key person offering one person to have a really good interest and understanding of my child. I feel thoroughly informed with great newsletters and great notices pinned around the reception and a quick run through every evening of my child’s progress during the day.


My daughter has attended Hillside since she was nine months old. It took her a long time to settle because she found being parted from us very difficult, but the staff at Hillside were brilliant with her, it may leaving her so much easier. All the ladies at Hillside have always been very friendly and kind. Any queries we have had have been dealt with quickly and effectively. My daughter is currently enjoying being in Piglet’s room, the swimming, Christmas performance, home learning packs, theme days/menus and the trips (even if it’s just to the shops!) are fab. My daughter will be starting school in September, I know she will be sad to leave, but there is always holiday club! We as a family are very pleased with our choice of childcare, my son will be starting his journey through Hillside in the next couple of months.


‘Hillside’ A great nursery, but so much more’.
Having been through IVf, and lucky enough to be gifted a beautiful baby daughter. It was essential for us to place Erin in the safest and warmest environment we possibly could. Going through the usual anxiety of leaving Erin in the care of others due to the necessity of work, added additional pressure to our selection.

On our first visit to Hillside, we were very impressed with how ‘professional’ the staff appeared and instantly noticed how happy all the children were. The rooms were spotless, a nice clean smell, with lots of lovely colourful distractions for little minds to be enthralled by. Everything looked well organised, with the rooms separated by age, each catering for that special period of development for that age group, such as a sleeping area for the babies to have their naps. The food options also really impressed us. Having a dedicated Chef to prepare the meals for the children, which has a great variety and high standard.

All of which is fantastic, and is what most Nursery brochure would highlight, whichever one you select to review. What the Brochure can’t tell you is, how much more Hillside is. The love and care that each member of staff provides in abundance for each child. The personal-touch displayed when it comes to making pressies for Christmas and Parent Birthdays. The daily reports of how Erin has eaten, new words learnt, her first steps taken, none of which, I think, you can learn or be taught. It is just because Hillside care and love what they do, each and every day. Many times, when we have come to pick Erin up, and we hang back just to see how Erin interacts with the Staff and other Children. You can see how much she is engaged with it all, how safe she feels, and ultimately how happy she is.

We firmly believe, Hillside and all the staff have given Erin such a great great start in life. She has a safe environment, to explore being a child, interact with lots of other children and adults. Try different foods both locally and around the World. Extend different senses and learnt new skills in all that she does, every day.

Hillside is a great nursery, but we see it as so so much more, safe, warm, secure with a personal touch. We both feel comforted and assured, that Erin is getting the best care we can provide by going to Hillside and the staff show us this, each and every day.